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For The Girls is a quality erotica site for women that combines a huge selection of sexy photos created & selected for women, with an entire online magazine. So you get thousands of pics of sexy naked men,erotic couples photos, male strippers, hardcore movies and exclusive steamy erotic fiction combined with columns, fascinating articles, sex advice, humor and lots more. Close your eyes and indulge your fantasies!
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Reviewed By Jane's Guide
"This site is a sex-positive, feminist, and out and out hot porn site and hip online webzine aimed at heterosexual women... The true genius of this place is that it dares to approach female sexuality in a sophisticated way without trying to remove any of the heat or humor. Intelligent, empowering, beautiful, and very sexy!"
Reviewed By Pam's Reviews
"Overall, I was extremely pleased with This site is very diverse with many features, a lot of great content, and always with a woman in mind. It is obvious that this site is created by women that know what other women want."
Reviewed By Richard's Realm
"A well thought out site with plenty of articles and media to appeal to women. Its like a mini Cosmopolitan with some raunchy pics and video to get you in the mood... It could only have been run by women, and they are doing a damned fine job."
Reviewed By Rabbits Reviews
"I was impressed by the poetic style and quality of the writing, the hot men, some great photos and the added bonuses of audio stories and videos at For The Girls."
What our members say
From Bev
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing the world that women have their own sexual appetites."
From Tess
"It is worth the money when it is 'one-stop looking', not having to chase all over the net to find good things FOR WOMEN!"
From Jasmine
"This site is so jammed packed and updated so frequently, that you can't help but love it."
From Jennifer
"Truly a site that brings sensuality to sexuality, and breeds liberation to those who are afraid to explore sex. 2 dicks up!"
Recent Additions

Fiction: Tell Me
You're doing anything, anything to stop yourself from touching your clit. Because that would be a bad thing; that would be naughty, wouldn't it honey? I told you not to do that. I told you to wait for me. And the fact that I told you means that it's there, in your head, every second...

Hot Guy: Ryan
Ryan is a male stripper who is also strangely shy once you get him naked. Thankfully he overcame his nervousness and soon was happy to show off his body. After a heavy photography session we put him in the shower because we like to see hot guys when they're wet...

Flash Fiction: Vermillion Number Six
Joe took a deep breath and prepared for a fresh onslaught. He brought his hand down on my right ass cheek with that stingy swat of his and my feet scrabbled for purchase on the carpet. My face was probably already vermilion number six...

Hardcore Video: Orgasmic Massage
Peta books in for a nice relaxing massage – with a happy ending. After she’s rubbed up the right way her sexy masseur goes to work on her cunt before producing a Hitachi Magic Wand...


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Beautiful African American couple make love Romantic breakfast in bed Hunky Daniel Exclusive short film: Fucking is the Only Prayer Gorgeous male centerfold Rob Erotic Fiction: Storm King. 'He knows how to drive me into a frenzy and he is relentlessly taking me there.'
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For The Girls has thousands of hunky men, in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Enjoy studs with big cocks, babes in briefs, bodybuilders, indie boys and our own home-grown amateurs. All hard, all hot.  JOIN US INSIDE! »
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For The Girls gives you quality hardcore couples pics complete with kissing, cunnilingus, and afterglow. We combine sensuality with lust, emotion with animal passion, warmth with overwhelming pleasure.  JOIN US INSIDE! »
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We have gone out of our way to write and commission some of the best erotic fiction on the internet. Our stories have been created with women in mind, and with a focus on HER pleasure. Let your fantasies run wild through the beauty of well-written erotica!  JOIN US INSIDE! »
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For The Girls isn't just an adult site. It's an entire online magazine created exclusively for straight women. Inside you'll find articles, interviews, regular columns, sex advice, movie and sex toy reviews, news, health information, games and heaps more.   JOIN US INSIDE! »
Added: 36 PICS + 1 Movie
South American model Martin hasn't quite mastered his Aussie accent just yet but he was a master at making us go all gooey during his photoshoot. We loved his tattoos, his tall, sculpted body and his rather mischieveous grin. When it came time for him to get his hard cock out, things got a little hot in the room. We interviewed him and found out all about his world travels - and what turns him on. Martin's just one of the hot guys you'll find inside the member's area at FTG...
See all of Martin inside »
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